Tips for Choosing a Smile Makeover Procedure

Smile Makeover Lincroft, NJ

A smile can be an outward sign of temperament and confidence, but at times it takes a smile makeover to let someone’s true personality show. Discolored teeth can cause embarrassment, while crooked or uneven teeth can have an impact on speaking or chewing. There are multiple treatments for correcting possible imperfections in a smile, but not every option is appropriate for each situation. Longevity and need are crucial factors when considering any makeover procedure.

Possible corrective measures

Changing the way a smile looks could be limited to altering the color of the teeth or it could extend into permanent applications like implants. A makeover can address any of the following conditions:

  • An improper bite
  • Repairs to misaligned, decayed, or damaged teeth
  • Close gaps or address teeth that are missing
  • Replace unattractive or old dental treatments
  • Create a natural, white look on discolored or stained teeth

Cosmetic and restorative treatments often work in harmony to create a smile makeover, though each individual patient decides on the extent of the treatment and consults with a dental professional on effective procedures. Patients must weigh the pros and cons to determine which treatment should be given priority.

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whiting is a reliable way to adjust the color of the teeth. Staining or discoloration from smoking, excessive coffee or wine intake, and other foods or beverages can be removed by professional whitening, though to maintain the results, lifestyle changes should be made.

Crooked teeth

For those with crooked teeth, there are several corrective solutions available. Tooth recontouring can help create a more symmetrical appearance with slightly crooked teeth, while teeth that are severely misaligned or crooked need a lengthier treatment plan. Contouring offers a lifetime solution, but there is a limited amount of tooth that can be removed when trying to reshape the tooth’s appearance.

Typically, braces or clear aligners are used to help restore uniformity to an entire set of teeth. The amount of time a patient needs to wear braces depends on the severity of the bite, though typical treatments take six months or longer. Clear aligner trays are less visible than braces and offer more convenience with regard to dietary restrictions.

Broken, chipped, or misaligned teeth

Veneers are an efficient fix for teeth that have some form of damage to the color, size, length, or shape. These restorations can also address discoloration, with the natural look and stain resistance providing a durable and lasting alternative to whitening treatments. The shells are bonded to the front of a tooth and create a seamless look when colored to match the rest of the teeth. Veneers have a longevity that runs up to a decade for porcelain and a five to seven-year lifespan for composite materials.


By looking at the specific areas each treatment addresses, patients and dentists can determine the solution that matches the desired change to the shape, color, or alignment of the teeth. The length of the treatment plan and longevity of results also need to be considered. With these tips in mind, discuss possible options for a smile makeover with a dental professional.

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