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Take-home teeth whitening trays are an alternative to the in-office teeth whitening procedure. Although not as effective as in-office whitening, take-home trays may be ideal for certain patients, particularly those who only have mild teeth stains and are not searching for a long-term solution to a brighter smile. 

Are take-home teeth whitening trays right for you?

The best way for a patient to determine if take-home teeth whitening trays are ideal for them is to discuss all available teeth whitening options with a dentist. This review provides an overview of take-home teeth whitening to help patients prepare for their consultation and make an informed decision about the best way to brighten their smile. 

What are take-home teeth whitening trays?

Take-home teeth whitening trays are dentist-recommended trays that the dental staff sends home with the patient. They contain a concentration of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, two ingredients that are known to help target and remove teeth stains. They are often far more effective than over-the-counter whitening kits. In addition, the dentist ensures that the patient’s teeth and gums are in ideal health before treatment, in order to help ensure that there are no adverse effects. 

The advantages/disadvantages of take-home teeth whitening trays

Some patients prefer take-home teeth whitening kits because they are less invasive than an in-office procedure. They are also far more effective compared to the average store-bought kit. However, the results from take-home teeth whitening kits only last for three to six months on average before additional treatment is needed. There is also an increased risk of user error, which could compromise the results. 

Take-home teeth whitening trays vs. in-office teeth whitening

The results from take-home teeth whitening trays do not last as long as those from in-office teeth whitening. Take-home teeth whitening kits produce results that can last around six months. In-office whitening can last for well beyond a year if the patient cares for their teeth properly after treatment. In-office teeth whitening can also produce better results, whitening teeth up to eight shades. That said, take-home teeth whitening trays are still effective for short-term results, particularly when compared to over-the-counter kits. 

When take-home teeth whitening trays are recommended

Take-home teeth whitening trays are typically recommended for patients with good oral health (no cavities) that are searching for short-term results. Some patients who have dental anxiety and prefer at-home treatment may find take-home teeth whitening trays to be ideal. However, patients who want long-term results may be better with in-office teeth whitening. The best way to decide which choice is best is to discuss both options with a dentist during a consultation. 

Our dental practice offers take-home teeth whitening trays

Take-home teeth whitening trays are ideal for improving the shade of your natural teeth safely and in the comfort of your own home. Here at our dental practice, we offer take-home teeth whitening trays. If you would like to learn more, consult with our team via phone or message to schedule a visit.

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