When a General Dentist Recommends a Dental Inlay

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Has your dentist talked about getting a dental inlay? If this restorative treatment is new to you, do not worry. Many patients are not familiar with inlays or when the general dentist may decide to use them. However, inlays can make a lot of sense in some situations and for certain conditions. Your dentist can discuss these with you and guide you in making the right decisions for your health and smile.

More about inlays

To repair a cavity or restore a damaged tooth, the general dentist used to turn only to fillings or crowns. Today, more and more dental offices offer inlays. The main difference between a dental inlay and a filling is that the inlay is molded outside the mouth. A technician takes X-rays and makes the material the exact size and shape of the hole or missing part of the tooth. The inlay bonds to the grooves of the tooth.

Inlays do not require the reshaping of the tooth. They can come in a variety of different materials. Patients like the ceramic, porcelain, and composite resin inlays because each can match the color of the person’s teeth. Metal inlays are not as aesthetically pleasing to a lot of patients. On the positive side, this material is much more long-lasting and durable.

The patient does not want an invasive procedure

Some patients are averse to losing any portion of the tooth structure. An inlay is a good choice for a lot of situations because the dentist will not have to shave away any of the tooth. This is in contrast to crowns. Preserving the entire tooth can help to ensure the tooth is strong and does not deteriorate further. Getting a crown can also be time-consuming and can involve some pain and discomfort.

When the cavity is large

Smaller cavities do not require anything more than a dental filling to repair. However, when the cavity is too large for the filling to support, a different approach is necessary. A dental inlay is a good choice for this task. A technician will make the inlay to be the specific size and shape as the hole or missing portion of the tooth. Be aware that if the decay or damage affects the biting surface, an inlay is not the right choice. An inlay does not extend over the cusps of the tooth.

For chips and cracks

Physical damage to a tooth can occur due to decay or a hard blow to the mouth. Minor chips and cracks can find relief thanks to a dental inlay. The inlay can be the same color as the tooth, so it will blend in nicely. The material is used to build up the tooth and restore its appearance.

You can be a good candidate for a dental inlay

If you have tooth pain or visible damage, you should think about inlays. Your dentist can examine you to determine your needs and whether you are a good candidate. Make an appointment today. Enjoy the benefits that an inlay offers.

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