How to Avoid Broken Dentures

Posted on: October 22, 2019

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Choosing dentures so you no longer have to live with all of the problems that missing teeth cause? These problems include but are not limited to the shifting of teeth, experiencing difficulty when chewing food, experiencing difficulty when talking and even experiencing jawbone loss.

Why dentures are a good idea

Wondering just how important dentures are when you are missing multiple teeth? They are very important to the overall health of your mouth. Missing teeth gets in the way of your ability to properly function throughout the day. But, it also causes your oral health to severely decline. When you decide to get dentures, you are replacing your missing teeth. With dentures you can once again have a full mouth of teeth, which means no worries about crooked teeth, chewing food or talking properly.

According to the American Dental Association, the average adult has three or more missing teeth or decay that warrant a tooth to be pulled and replaced.

Caring for dentures

Each type of denture will come with their own specific instructions for patients to follow. But, there are some general rules and guidelines for caring for dentures. This includes removing and rinsing them after eating, brushing the dentures with a soft-bristle toothbrush at least once a day and soaking them overnight. The fact that dentures can be slippery when caring for them and they are breakable, requires denture wearers to be very careful when caring for their dentures.

How to avoid broken dentures

There are a few things denture wearers should do in order to avoid breaking their dentures. They should place a soft towel or something similar underneath the dentures when caring for them in case they are dropped. When dentures are taken out of the mouth, they need to be put in a safe place to avoid knocking them onto the floor. Dental patients who have been diagnosed with bruxism may break their dentures when grinding or clenching their teeth. This makes it necessary for them to seek treatment for their bruxism.

Denture repair

It will depend on the type of break as well as the severity of the broken dentures when it comes to whether or not they can be repaired. It may be tempting for some denture wearers to repair the broken dentures themselves. However, this is not recommended as it could make the break worse.

Instead, it is necessary to make a dental appointment for a professional evaluation of the dentures. This evaluation will determine if the dentures can indeed be repaired or if they need to be replaced.

Ready to choose your type of dentures?

If you have decided that dentures are the right choice for you, you will need to figure out which type of dentures are going to ideally meet your oral needs. You can start by performing some online research. This can give you a general understanding of the type of dentures available and how each type will benefit you. Then you need to make a consultation appointment to further discuss these options with a dental professional.

Ready to get started?

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