How is Laser Dentistry Used for Cavities?

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One of the newest dental technologies that is being promoted at different dental offices is their use of lasers. One of the things that are frequently mentioned is laser dentistry's ability to help in fighting cavities. Although they cannot be used, as of now, for removing cavities, they can help in fighting against them. With the use of this technology for many different aspects of dentistry, dental offices are finding out the benefits of using lasers for different treatment, procedures, and detection methods.

What is laser dentistry?

One of the most important questions to answer first is the aspect of what exactly Laser Dentistry is. It is a newer technology that is expanding and growing rapidly. Some of the areas that the laser that dentists are using can help in treating include:

  • Treating teeth’s hypersensitivity to either hot or cold foods and beverages.
  • Treating and helping to prevent tooth decay on a patient's teeth.
  • Helping in the treatment of gum disease and avoiding any larger issues arising.
  • Teeth whitening treatments that will help whiten a patient's teeth in a rapid amount of time and obtaining very impressive results compared to store bought or home-use treatments.

How can laser dentistry help with cavities?

One of the biggest benefits of laser dentistry is the added benefit and cost saving ability. By using the laser, many of the treatments are done in half the time it would take doing it the traditional way. It is also a much cheaper option which makes it a win-win for both the patient and dentist.

The biggest advantage of using laser dentistry for cavities is the early detection abilities that come from using the laser. Having the ability to detect early signs of tooth decay that would not be spotted by even the most trained dentist, gives an upper hand in fighting cavities and decay.

Preparation and fillings

One thing that patients love to find out is that the dental drills and local anesthesia are both not typically needed when using dental lasers for the preparation of a filling. Because the lasers can kill the bacteria, this is another added benefit of laser dentistry tools.

Tooth sensitivity treatment

Any teeth that experience severe hot and cold sensitivity to foods or drinks can breathe a sigh of relief. Because of the lasers healing abilities, the sensitivity can be greatly reduced if not eliminated using dental lasers.

How else can dental lasers help?

Laser dentistry can also help with issues that are considered “soft tissue” issues. This can include a number of different things, but typically refers to the treatment of the following:

Treating a “gummy” smile: Reshaping the gum tissue that could be lengthened and extend to the teeth making gums appear higher on a person's teeth when smiling.

Dental crown lengthening: Reshaping the bones and gums to help in placement of restorative devices.

Removing soft tissue folds on and around teeth and gums: By removing these folds, primarily for people with dentures, it can ensure a comfortable and easy time with having dentures aligned properly.

Have more questions about digital laser dentistry?

Because the technologies are newer and might be ones that people have not heard as much about, we are always thrilled to answer any questions you may have. We would love to show you the benefits to your time, money and schedule by using digital laser dentistry. Contact us today and let us answer any additional questions that you may have!

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