Five Things to Consider About Dentures

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Dentures provide an affordable approach to replace missing teeth, but they are far from being a perfect replacement for your natural teeth. These oral prosthetics replace the function and appearance of missing teeth, but they are nowhere as stable as real teeth.

Important things you should know when considering dentures

Here are some of the things anyone who is considering dentures should know about how these oral restorations work:

1. Dentures require daily cleaning

Dentures require more maintenance than other teeth replacement options like implants and bridges. These oral prosthetics need to be cleaned daily with a toothbrush and thoroughly rinsed. Dentures also need to be soaked overnight in denture solution to further clean and disinfect them.

Special brushes made for dentures work best for dentures. People who are not ready to commit to the cleaning routine needed to keep dentures in tip-top condition should consider other options.

2. Dentures should be taken out when they are not being used

Dentures are removable devices and that can lead to wearers forgetting to take them out or use them. Dentures should never be worn to bed since leaving them in the mouth can lead to receding gums and bad breath. Wearing dentures puts stress on gum tissues, and they need time to relax from each day’s use. Dentures should be soaked in denture solution or water when not being used.

3. Dentures can be uncomfortable

Dentures tend to shift in the mouth when worn, and that can lead to soft tissues like the cheeks and gums being irritated. It can even lead to sores forming in the mouth. Wearing dentures tends to feel awkward at first, but most people get used to it in a few weeks. Having dentures in the mouth also leads to increased saliva production until the person’s mouth gets used to having a foreign object.

4. You will need some practice

It takes time to become used to talking and eating with dentures in your mouth. Dentures are not as stable as real teeth, and they move around in the mouth when worn. That can make it challenging to eat or speak with their artificial teeth. A person’s mouth not being used to having dentures in them can also lead to sounds not coming out as they should. The more the person talks with their dentures, the clearer their speech will become until it is back to normal.

5. Dentures need adjustments from time to time

Dentures are designed to fit the contours of the wearer’s mouth, but the structures in our mouths are constantly changing. Denture wearers might have to get their device relined and adjusted from time to time so it fits more comfortably.

Replace your missing teeth with dentures

Dentures are an economical way to restore your smile, but you should be ready to deal with the five things listed above. Call or visit our Lincroft clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist so you can explore your options.

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