4 Types of Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Posted on: September 20, 2019

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Life can be rough on teeth, but cosmetic dental procedures can come to the rescue. Through accidents, injuries and poor oral health habits or because of genetics, your teeth may not look the way you want. Chips, breaks, gaps, missing teeth, discolored teeth and a number of other issues can hinder your smile and appearance. A visit to the dentist can help with these troubling problems. There are several options you can explore to get your teeth looking great.

No need to wait

Some people deal with cosmetic challenges with their teeth and mouth for years or even decades. This is not necessary. One call to a reputable dentist can make a big difference for just about any situation. A skilled dentist has the tools and treatments available to work with even the most severe concerns. The longer a person puts off cosmetic dental intervention, the more significant the issue can become.


Whether due to a terrible accident or because of neglect, it is not impossible to find someone with missing teeth. This can be an embarrassing condition and no one should have to suffer from it. Implants are a permanent option and an alternative to dentures. In this process, the dentist will drill the artificial teeth into the person’s jawbone. The implants will appear like natural teeth and they will act as the roots as well.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening products are common in grocery stores and drugstores today. A dentist can offer a comprehensive whitening treatment. Patients who want to change yellow or brown teeth into white ones can undergo a procedure where the dentist makes a mold and fills it with peroxide for the patient to wear. This process can happen entirely in the office over a few visits, or the patient can take home trays (similar to mouthguards) and wear them overnight for several weeks. This could be a smart option for those who are tired of unappealing tooth stains.

Cosmetic dental crowns

Broken teeth can cause pain and embarrassment, but crowns can help correct the concern. The dentist will numb the person’s mouth and will then shave down the affected tooth. Next, the dentist will cover the entire tooth with a tooth-shaped cap. This is made of porcelain, metal or resin. The dentist will make sure the crown matches the appearance of the other teeth.


If a person’s front tooth is chipped or broken, a veneer could make sense. The dentist will place it over the front of the tooth to help it look whole once again. Made of porcelain or composite, the veneer will be the same color as the original tooth. The process can be lengthy, but this presents a durable option for the patient.

Make the choice

Your days of hating your teeth and mouth are over. Choose the treatment that makes the most sense and call your dentist today. You can go from never wanting to smile or even open your mouth to showing off your new look. All of these options have benefits, so make an appointment.

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